The Nigerian and African oil and gas industry is facing significant challenges amid the evolving energy landscape. Mr. Edward During, CFO of Lekoil Nigeria Limited, highlighted the industry’s struggle with the transition to renewable energy and the halt in fossil fuel investments, which threatens energy supply stability. Despite calls to cease oil and gas development, African nations are urged to balance environmental concerns with the need for energy access and economic growth, given the continent’s vast reserves and energy deficit.

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ThisDay, Lekoil CFO Interview, Pg-35, 4th March 2024

To navigate these challenges, Africa must unify its voice internationally to attract funding for energy projects, emphasizing its unique development needs and the imperative of investment. Operators must embrace renewable energy while leveraging existing expertise in oil and gas to ensure a responsible transition. However, international oil companies are grappling with economic viability in renewables, hindering significant investment in the sector.

Despite the push for renewable energy, borrowing more for its development is discouraged due to existing debt burdens. Instead, maximizing transition fuels like natural gas, coupled with innovative financing options, offers a more feasible approach. Edward During also emphasizes the importance of repatriating wealth held abroad to bolster investment in Africa’s energy sector, potentially through the establishment of an African Energy Bank.

Regulatory and fiscal reforms are essential to create an enabling environment for investment, ensuring that new initiatives align with sustainability goals. Despite these challenges, Nigeria’s oil and gas sector is poised for increased production following privatization, offering economic opportunities. Lekoil, while focusing on meeting its current obligations, aims to secure investments for its gas field projects to contribute to Nigeria’s energy security and economic development without taking on additional loans.

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